Ergonomic Training

Why offer training in ergonomics?


Offering ergonomic training to your employees could modify unsafe work habits to healthy occupational practices.

Ergonomic training courses will have even more impact if all source of risk factors have been eliminated. The ergonomist uses analysis of occupational activities as a tool to comprehend the value of all know-how used by employees and to identify and teach secure know-how.

Our training programs and courses, tailored to your needs, to put in action the best principles and practices in ergonomics training. Our training approach draws on your occupational practices and on your situation, on recent research in ergonomics, and on applying our professional expertise in the field of ergonomics and occupational health training.

Some courses are more generic, while some could be specific to your situation. Clearly practical and customized courses, where employees can recognize themselves, are more effective. Occupational health analysis can reveal illustrations applicable to your organization. We can train your employees and your managers on different topics related to ergonomics: office ergonomics, safe manual handling, injuries prevention, industrial ergonomics, and even also disability and return-to-work reality, ergonomics space planning, and finally vehicle ergonomics.

Our clients who request training sessions contact us for these reasons: :

They wish to acquire a training program in ergonomics.

They want to train employees to become trainers in manual load handling.

They wish to manage the residual ergonomics risks following the ergonomics training sessions.

They want to train their employees working from home about office ergonomics.

They have a high turnover rate because of the drudgery of work.

They already have proceeded to major changes to the workstation.

They wish to change the occupational health and safety culture.

They want to become more autonomous to identify and manage ergonomics risks.

They wish to develop online training about ergonomics to reach out to their employees based around the world.