Ergonomics Space Design

The benefits of integrating ergonomics in an office spaces design project

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The plus-value of adding an ergonomist on your team design project is to heighten the quality of workspaces and to meet your employer’s health and safety obligations. Ergonomics is a key component of any work environment. It allows to ensure comfort, safety and efficiency of your employees.

You can integrate ergonomics at anytime in your project; however it would be better to involve it as soon as you set your goals and needs. Teaming up with an ergonomist in the early stages before the construction phase, means he can assist you and provide council when there is still maneuver to the plan and budgets, to choose ergonomics equipments and furniture. The ergonomist  role goes further than just chosing and adjusting chairs.

Experience demonstrate that the approach and methods used by the ergonomist can help diminish the back-and-forth on construction plans. Plans are designed around the users’ needs, so it accelerates the process of design and reduce the cost of the project.

Clients have contacted us for those reasons:

They want to ensure ergonomics standards to their workspaces.

They want to validate the plans by an ergonomist.

They are doubting the space planning and the chosen equipment.

They wish to improve resilience to change by implementing a participative ergonomics approach.

They wish to reduce costs associated to musculoskeletal disorders at a workstation.

They wish to involve and consult their employees in a structure manner in the workspace layout or in the development of a typical/model workstation.

They experience a high rate of musculoskeletal disorders.

They just finished redesigning their workspaces, but once living in them they experienced some deficiencies.

They need to review a workspace or a workstation used by multiple employees.

They wish to obtain a LEED innovation credit in ergonomics or to obtain the WELL certification.