Representative on the road: accommodation at work and integration of ergonomics in the selection of a fleet vehicle

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After investing in the purchase of 140 vehicles for its fleet, the company received, from the first handovers of vehicles to its representatives, various accommodation requests.

After studying the provided vehicle, it appears that a vehicle alternative had to be found in order to respond to the accommodations requested. In addition to requests for accommodation related to the position of driving, changing vehicles (from an SUV to a car)
led to a change in the height of the rear boot sill, which which led to awkward positions when loading and unloading boxes into the vehicle by the representatives, also responsible for delivering various products to customers.

An initial request for the driving position therefore resulted in the production of reminder sheets dealing with driving length of time and handling objects in the rear trunk of the vehicle. This demonstrates the importance of studying the work well during a change of equipment.