Vehicle Ergonomics

Adapt or adjust a driver’s cab ergonomically correct is possible!

Numerous of people drive as a living (on-the-road salesperson, paramedics, bus drivers, heavy machinery operators, etc.). Our unique vehicle ergonomics expertise will help you in plenty of ways. Contact us!


Selection/evaluation of a mobile workstation (computer) of a patrol car

Interpretation of results from a test of a patrol car air bags deployment

Training about adaptation of a car patrol

Correction of a notice from CNESST

Selection/evaluation of fleet vehicle

Definition of ergonomics requirements for emergency vehicle console in order to integrate all required specifications in a public bid solicitation

Selection/evaluation of vehicle ergonomics in order to accommodate tall drivers

Positioning of components (ex: iBus system) of bus drivers cab

Training about adjustment of driver’s cab for city bus drivers

Load manual training for adapted transport

Ergonomic adjustment of a driver’s cab

Development of awareness guidelines about vehicle ergonomics


“Before meeting with an ergonomist, I suffered from body aches and pains, adjusting my driving position was more or less important to me. However, ever since my ergonomic training, I learned how to correctly use my seat by adjusting the lumbar supports according to my morphology, distance from steering wheel, and correct angles. […] I learned the importance of slightly changing angles to keep my body active. I don’t suffer from any body aches and pains at the end of my shift. […].”

David T., City bus driver